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Circumpolar Diatom Database Project

The Circumpolar Data base
Many data were collected into 18 years of paleolimnological studies supervised by Dr. Pienitz. For most of them, they were added into a data base program which was manage with File Maker© program. At these times, the aim of this system was especially to archive and unify the data into an easy consultation tool. The recent advance in computing program and the development of powerful Geographical Information System (GIS) allow biogeographical researches to by achieve with this huge amount of data contain in the CDD.

Main objective
Illustrate and interpret spatial and temporal changes in the distribution of diatoms in the circumpolar region, in relation to environmental and geographical characteristics.

Specific objectives
1) Develop a database structure enhanced by a GIS (Geographical Information System) approach for the easy consultation and visualization of limnological and paleolimnological data.
2) Develop a biogeographical classifications and patterns based on the presence and absence of specific diatoms, in space and time.
3) Specify environmental and ecological preferences of the main diatom genera and specific taxa.

Study region
Northern Circumpolar region, especially occidental. Many site were sampled through the Northern Circumpolar region : Labrador (data from Dermot Antoniades M-A F.), Northern Québec (Reinhard Pienitz & Marie-Andrée Fallu), North West Territories (R.P.), Nunavut (many contributors), Yukon (R.P.), Alaska (René Gregory-Eaves), Sweden (Bigler, C. & Hall, R. ; Rosen, P.) and also Siberia (Tamsin Laing).